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My name is Bibek Bhattacharya and I’m a writer and a travel editor at Outlook Traveller. This blog contains travelogues, photo essays and articles about art and culture. I also post some of my published writing here. There’s much to see and read. Hope you like it. Contact me at beqesh@gmail.com, or @beqesh on Twitter.

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  1. You came as a discovery when I searched for Lipulekh pass and the more i went into reading your blog.. the more quenched i was .. I am a Bhotia and I belong to the Johar valley near Munsyari and an amateur traveler.. I have also been to the Roerich’s Gallery in Nagar Castle, HP……………. I am doing my research on the barter system that was prevalent till 1962 and which has again started after 30 yrs. in the darma valley.. Can we be of help in understanding the region better. Regards !!
    Shailendra Jangpangi


    1. Hello Shailendra,
      I’m glad you liked it. I really like the Bhotia community, having spent some time with them in the various valles of Garhwal and Kumaon. Has the barter system started again? That’s very interesting to hear. I’ve been planning to visit and explore the Johar valley for a while, especially cross the Unta Dhura and reach the upper reaches of the Dhauli Ganga valley. Hope you get to do good research and talk to you soon.


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