Leaving hills

Kings of the world, raise your great white heads and laugh. I look up the blue-vaulted sky around me and I see you. I see you all, from east to west, a wall.Long after, when I’m leaving, you recede at a stately grace. Down from your head to your chest I slide, along winding roads... Continue Reading →

Landour Part III

There's something weirdly endearing about rain in the hills. For one, it isn't as boring as in the plains. The clouds creep up slowly and ultimately engulf you. They caress the skin with a cool softness that just cannot be compared to anything. You know that its going to rain when you can't see two... Continue Reading →

Landour Part II

And so...Landour was just the tip of the iceberg. Walked up, leaving the town and all its attendant horrors far behind. After a few steep twists in the road, past the Tehri highway...a veritable fairy land of sal and pine forests!! Didn't know that I was approaching Lal Tibba- the highest point in the Mussoorie... Continue Reading →

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